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Moving to a new homeMoving is never a fun task! Many of us when we have to relocate dread the thought of packing and all the stress which is associated with it. Whenever someone goes thru a massive change it always puts stress in our life! Moving can also be an amazing experience and the chances are you are either moving because you want to move or because you have to move. It doesn’t matter if your moving from Hollywood, or another part of Los Angeles, moving can be rough! Either way, there’s a ton which needs to be done! You’ll want to make sure not to procrastinate during this time and put all your efforts into full force to make this a smooth move!

We have prepared a checklist of several things you should concentrate on which deal with the basics of preparing for your move as well as planning it! We are purposely leaving out the bigger things you’ll need to take action on while moving as that’s a whole bunch of other articles! Those items include learning about your new neighborhood, locating a top moving company, parking issues, employment, etc.

Throw Out what’s been taking up space & Don’t be a Pack Rat

If you have had things sitting in your current place for months or even years untouched, or used consider throwing them out! Being a pack rat isn’t going to help! Many of us can go thru our closets and literally find stacks of shirts or other types of clothing which hasn’t been worn for the longest time. Ask yourself if you’re really going to wear this again. One of the joys in moving is throwing stuff away as you’re about to start fresh! If there’s items you can donate, put those piles together and go to local shelters (here in LA there are tons downtown, as well as Goodwill locations all over the city) and make a donation. You can even get a tax write-off which will benefit you later down the line! If you’re looking to make a few bucks, consider either putting items online in online classifieds or having a garage sale.

Save all your essential documents & paperwork

While moving it will be important to gather all your critical documents and know where they are! Label a box “Important Documents” and make sure to keep them all organized. These documents can be anything from bank statements needed to your Cars Title! No matter what, make sure to keep it all organized or you’ll have a very difficult time finding documents you need at your new place.

Here’s a list of additional top documents you’ll want to know where they are once you move to your new place include: Marriage Documents, Passports, Social Security Cards, School Documents/Diplomas, Stocks, Bonds, Tax Returns, Important Phone Numbers, Wills, Insurance Policies and anything else which is critical that you think of. Don’t forget to empty out your safe deposit box if you have one and are moving far away from your current residence.

Prepare yourself for Relocating to your new place

There’s a ton of things you can do to prepare yourself for relocating to your new place. First, put together a list of all things which are essential where you are moving to and find out where they are located. These places include: Supermarkets, Doctors Offices, Gas Stations, Post Office, Banks, Town Hall, Police Station, and Fire Department.

In mentioning banks, you’ll most likely want to open up a new bank account. You’ll also want to call your auto insurance company to find out new insurance rates for the area you are moving to as well as talk to an insurance company regarding either homeowners insurance or renters insurance. Also, you’ll want to make sure when you move that you have your utilities all set! Don’t wait till the last minute as you’ll want to schedule service to be active upon arrival (or before). These utilities include Gas, Electric, Phone Service, Water, TV or Satellite Service, and Internet. If you’re moving in Los Angeles, you can reach out to the Department of Water & Power for main utilities.

Also, you’ll need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to change your address (if it’s out of state, you’ll want to know what’s required in order to get your License or ID Card issued).

Moving Contact Lists

Finally, prepare a list of all the companies and individuals you need to reach out to with your new address information. This can include banks, magazines, utility companies, credit card companies, additional creditors, family, friends, business associates and other individuals that you are in contact with on a daily basis.

If you properly plan things while moving it may not be a walk in the park, but it will at least be a less stressful process then it needs to be. Don’t forget when moving to disconnect utilities and discontinue any services you may have! If you properly plan your move and follow some of these suggestions hopefully your move will be much easier then anticipated with minimal amounts of clutter, chaos and stress!.

Good luck on your new move and be positive!



  1. My mantra this year is to de-clutter. I’ve read about the story of the husband-and-wife team who kept their items to just about 100 important things. I mean, that’s not easy, but it’s doable. I’ve been a hoarder all my life and I realized it’s such a baggage whenever I move. So far, I’ve tried selling my stuff (still usable ) online, gave some to family and friends and stopped being sentimental altogether. My philosophy now is to live life NOW and not keep hoarding memorabilia and the like.

  2. Wait a minute, relocating can be fun, if and only if you have so much free time in the world! Sad to say, how many of us here still actually have time. We’re always committed to other things in life like number 1.-Work. bleah~
    Unfortunately, if we got to move, means we got to move. What else can we do. Paperwork is a killer. Next is to actually move the things to your new home. If it’s still near your old home, then it’s not as bad. But imagine if you’re relocating to somewhere further, perhaps like 12 hours drive?
    Now that’s gonna be hard.
    One tip that I would like to share is, if you don’t mind leaving your furnitures at your old home, you can consider getting a new house which is fully furbished.
    The downside is, the price is a higher. But that’s life. hehe!

  3. Moving sucks! I always start out organizing and labeling every box and then end up just tossing stuff in random boxes. I think it is a great idea to keep all of the important paperwork in a box. I’ve done that with a filing crate inside a box and I always keep my computer with me. With a copy of all my info. on hard copy and electronic copy, I feel much more secure.

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