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Would you like to save an animal’s life today? The shelters in Los Angeles are filled with thousands of dogs, cats and other pets looking for a new home. We at AboutHollywood.com are committed to making a difference, especially when it comes to animals. These animals all need your help! There is nothing which makes us more proud then to be making a difference and to allow you the ability to search for your new pet on AboutHollywood.com.Happy Rescue dog 1 year later

Below you can search for dogs, cats and other animals available for adoption from the following shelters (click link for individual shelter information): North Central Animal Care Center, South L.A. Animal Care Center, East Valley Animal Care Center, Harbor Animal Care Center, West L.A. Animal Care Center, West Valley Animal Care Center

View Pets up for Adoption at the various Los Angeles Animal Shelters below:

Make sure to also visit our Pet Section for more pet care tips and information which may best assist you with your new furry friend.



  1. Thinking of all the stray dogs and cats in the world makes it easier to adopt a pet. I guess the concern is if they will be rabid animals. The shelter I think will take care of that.

  2. Woody McBreairty says:

    My first dog at 63, I had already adopted 2 black Bombay cats from the local shelters but I always wanted a dog of some kind. I always felt envious of people I saw walking their dogs , gathering & chatting on the neighborhood streets, and I always admired the dogs of such varying looks & breeds, always stopped to say hi to the animals when I had a chance. Then finally, I found Zipper, a little black & white Rat Terrier at the West L.A. Shelter on Pico on Friday, August 13, 2010. He is such a joy in my life now that I can’t imagine being without him. Much as I love my 2 cats Zorro & Pepper, Zipper is so alive with activity and he is so playful. He has a whole basket of toys, but his favorite is a squeaky rubber donut, and he always picks that one to toss around and play with. I get extra exercise taking him on walks, get to know more people in the neighborhood who stop to say hi to him, and he curls up with me on the bed when I read or watch the news. He loves to have his belly scratched and his head rubbed. I love this dog and thank God I know the joy of sharing my home with my animals. I needed them as much as they needed me.

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