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The Happy Ending Bar and Restaurant

Happy Endings is a lively bar and restaurant with excellent food, a casual, fun crowd, and lots of screens for catching the game.

When you first walk in to Happy Endings you notice the upbeat, sports bar atmosphere, as well as a definite East Coast feel. Owner Sal describes the vibe of Happy Endings as a kind of New York-Los Angeles hybrid.

Happy Endings does embody the fun of those two most exciting cities in that it has something for everybody, all the time. It’s good for happy hour, lunch, or late night meals and drinks. It’s a great bar for watching sports events and an excellent place for a casual meal.

Sal says, “My motto is to bring the hospitality back to Los Angeles. It’s what a lot of people are looking for.” The fun, relaxed social setting is a big part of what the place is about. No attitude here, from the staff or the crowd. The people who work at Happy Endings truly want you to have a good time. Bartenders and wait staff are friendly and efficient, even when the place is packed, and drink prices are reasonable.

The drink menu is extensive, varied, and fun. Enjoy a pitcher of Newcastle, Hefeweizen, or Bud light, a bottle of Heineken, a glass of Pinot Grigio, a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, or a fishbowl of Cherry Rum with lemonade. There’s a lot to pick from and everybody will find something they like here.

A unique feature is the drink wheel. It’s a big wheel like you’d see on a TV game show. Spin the wheel and set what the drink special will be for the next 20 minutes. Maybe you’ll get your favorite drink for a bargain price. Maybe not, either way you’ll have fun.

The main room is large, with the bar in the center of the room. This matters when the place gets crowded, which it does on weekends and during big sports events.

Upstairs there is dancing, pool tables, games, and beer pong. Weekend nights the DJ plays top 40, with some old school and electronica thrown in here and there, and keeps the crowd moving. There is also entertainment during the week, including karaoke night with a live band.

Food at Happy Endings

Happy Endings is a serious bar, but the food is not an afterthought here. Everything coming out of the kitchen is fresh and homemade. Sal, who describes himself as a “foodie” notes that they always use top-grade ingredients and never cut corners. “We don’t stray. Our quality stays the same.” The kitchen is open late seven days a week, so when you’re out late and want something really good to eat, this is the place.

Among the food choices are burgers, excellent New York style pizza, calzones, sliders, sandwiches, and salads. Happy hour appetizers include bar classics like tacos and buffalo chicken wings, as well as some more unusual choices: fish sticks with lobster bisque dipping sauce, chicken quesadilla made with Jack Daniels barbeque sauce. There are different daily lunch specials every weekday.

There is a private room available for parties and special occasions complete with its own bar and screens

Happy Ending Bar Information

Free parking before 5 p.m. (subject to change) – Valet parking $5 or you can try to find a spot on Sunset

7038 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 469-7038
Happy Ending Website:


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